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A slice of Italy Right Here in Taupo

We believe the key to fine dining lays in the passion infused from our warm and friendly staff. Our chefs have a flair for perfection and we strive to make your dining experience one to remember.




Sandy’s love of food, wine, people and Italy was the perfect combination to get into the restaurant business. Creating a great dining experience is at the heart of what she does, but it’s supporting her team to develop and grow that she considers one of the most rewarding aspects of the business. A Taupo local for 30 years, she knows her way around town!

Karl Sweet


At the top of his class, Karl is a recent graduate of culinary arts at AUT. Originally from Auckland, Karl has settled in Taupo where he is shaping Sorrento’s kitchen into a well-oiled machine. When not in the kitchen (which isn’t very often), Karl can be found playing golf, or experiencing the Great Lake to its fullest by swimming, boating and fishing all around Taupo! He has a gorgeous new kitten called Sambucca, and loves to cook at home as well. Karl’s favourite dish is one of Sorrento’s recurring specials – seared scallops & prawns, served over penne pasta in a marinara sauce, with his secret herb crumb. 

Shirley Douib


Working with us since day one, Shirley is the backbone of the restaurant. Originally from France, she has taken up residence in Taupo for the last 4 years and has developed an incredible experience for everyone here at Sorrento. After obtaining her Bachelor Degree of Tourism Management, she worked and travelled around Asia, Australia and New Zealand as she is passionate about different cultures and languages. She also loves photography, videography and uses her skills to manage our social media platforms.   

Kyle Godden


Freshly qualified and recently graduated, Kyle was born in Taupo where he found his passion for hospitality. After training in hospitality management in Taranaki for four years and receiving his Postgraduate degree, he’s moved back home to continue his research into sustainability in restaurants while creating an impeccable dining experience for every guest at Sorrento. Kyle has a passion for everything hospitality – people, cocktails, & learning all that he can while looking toward the future of the industry. If you find him behind a bar, he’ll convince you to try his favourite cocktail, the Japanese Slipper.